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Calved: 13/02/2008
Owners: Anvil Angus, Australia; Angus Genetics of Russia; Whitestone-Krebs, Gordon, USA.

Semen available: Anvil, Southern Cross Genetics & High Country Heifers.

Anchor bull in Whitestone Krebs Reserve Champion Denver Carload team, Replay was the US$67,500 top priced bull in the 2009 WK sale, where he was described as clean made and thick, thick, thick.

As a yearling he recorded a 6.9 Frame Score, 42 cm scrotal and a 115 Yearling Weight ratio.

His US performance figures speak for themselves, ranking him in the top 2% for Yearling Weight, 5% Marbling and 25% Rib Eye, while maintaining moderate birth and high fat. What we did not realise until we inspected him was how well this bull covered the basics – fantastic temperament, free moving, soft skinned, clean sheathed and large scrotal.

We believe Replay will add performance and carcase merit to our herd without sacrificing the basics we have built our breeding program around and in particular think he will compliment our Density/004/Net Worth line females and look forward to their progeny next year.

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Name: S A V 004 DENSITY 4336

Calved: 25/03/2004
Owners: Anvil Angus, Australia; Schaff Angus Valley, ND; Adris Angus Farm, FL, Dancing Waters Cattle Co, FL

Semen available: CRI.

Density was the US$55,000 third top selling bull in the 2005 SAV sale where he was admired for his impressive phenotype and flawless structure. Viewed as a yearling in 2005, a two year old in 2006 and a mature bull last year, we have been extremely impressed in the way he has grown out. He has developed into an extremely heavily fleshed individual, while maintaining the length, balance and smoothness he exhibited as a younger bull…..A real true to type Angus bull with extra meat thrown in!! What is impressing us now is that his calves are structurally A1 with plenty of body mass and thickness. The bulls are the type you could base a sale around, and we will be over the next few years. What’s more, his daughters are only just starting to hit production for us and their future looks very bright indeed.

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Calved: 03/04/2003 (AI) (ET)
Owners: Anvil Angus,

Semen available: Anvil

Identified by Stephen as the best available Vermillion Dateline son that could be found in Australia, Time Frame was purchased as the Australian record priced Angus bull at the 2005 Banquet sale. He is out of the matron of the outstanding ‘Banquet Dream’ cow family that forms the cornerstone of the Bransons operation, as witnessed by the numerous quality (and high priced) bulls and females produced by this line.

We always knew he had outstanding growth coupled with his added frame and length, and now that his progeny are coming through his EBVs are continuing to head Northward. Top 1% for all growth traits, scrotal and carcasse weight and well in the top 10% for EMA it is no wonder he is in the very top echelon of all dollar index values. Forget about EBVs for a moment, his calves truly are standouts for growth and high weight gains in the paddock.

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Calved: 07/06/2001
Owners: Anvil Angus.

Semen available: Anvil and Agri Gene.

Purchased as the high seller by Stephen at the Banquet 2003 sale, his combination of body mass, fault free constitution and ease of movement needed to be seen to be believed. Now entering his 8^th year and still in work, he produces cattle with structural integrity that grow thick and quick and have the ability to lay down fat. Add to this his total outcross pedigree and you have an interesting combination for those seeking something a little different.

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